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Packing List

Not ultralight. Not bushcraft. Not digital nomad. Perhaps somewhere betwixt the current memes of hiker-types, I have honed my packing skillset through experiences during my formative years as an Eagle Scout to my dirtbag college days, all through my time as a field biologist and further down the number line into a bikepacking middle-aged guy who likes to play radio amongst the peaks and trees.

Baseweight, not including radio gear or ccw, is 12.6 lbs and I’m cool with that. I could probably get that sub-10 if I really wanted to, but I don’t think I care enough. In reality if I wanted to cut weight I’d leave the six pounds of radio gear at home… but the goal is to activate summits, not fastpack the PCT. The ideal next-step would be to learn CW and trade the 2.5lb Icom for an 8oz Mountain Topper—but that’s for another day.