Intentional Direction

A friend was telling me about her need for structure. Or rather, her want for structure. A life coach. A career advisor. Something, someone, to help guide her and take her, expertly, on to the “next thing”.

Do I need that?

What is my next thing?

My current thing is great. Still new. Still challenging.

                When is it time to move on?  >>>>

I have always just let the universe dictate when it was time to change. That’s a lie. But I tend to just move along the path of least resistance. Like a cow navigating the overgrown landscape.

Also, that’s kind of a lie.

“Be predictable” is what I tell people when we ride bikes in traffic. _Not a good strategy for life. I harbor a pet notion that foregrounding random incidence is the height of experience. Feeling that friction between reflection and expectation; Don’t squash it, seek it out.

Live a life that strives to cast out all that is inferior and degrading.