this week we got awful news in the form of a home electrician’s quote that was double what we anticipated.

then we did our taxes. and took a bath.

worstly, we said goodbye to our dog (The Professor).

not a great one. “character building.”

moving on.

looking forward to the future. to the summer. we’ve made some plans, nothing huge, but a sprinkling of extended weekends.

i’m itching to document. to journal and to capture. i’m afraid of losing my memories.

literally and figuratively.


back in my late twenties i had a hard drive fail on me. lost nearly all of my photos. my formative years: hiking, climbing, working as a wildlife biologist, working a zookeeper. those pictures are all gone into the ether.

i vowed never again would i let that happen.

fast-forward, i’m fourty-two and all of my photos are on one external drive. i don’t own my computer, i rely on my work’s 2020 macbook pro with a replaced motherboard. dipshit.

okay, time to fix. this is easy. i have [need] the tools, i have the talent. ordered a 12 terabyte raid array. ordered a mac studio. signed up for backblaze. adulting?

there is no premanance, only memories. and even those aren’t permanant.