warm in march

The first ride of the year.


A new bike with skinnier tires—but not too skinny. More on the bike later...

The birds were singing and the loop of road was exactly as I remembered, but better, but this was now. I last went on a road ride in 2020. That was when I had a crash that broke the frame of my Orbea. Bikes were hard to come by then (covid, supply chain, bike demand) but I was able to score a gravel bike.

The discovery of riding gravel was life changing.

But I still missed the road. Was it the speed? The fluid feeling of rolling over smooth asphalt?

There is so much to see here and in the winter I feel blinded.

Blinded by the snow cover. By my indoor seclusion.

It wasn’t warm but it was the best ride of the year. So far.